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FOCUS TRANS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a professional Shipping agency services and Purchasing agency services company. We provide the most reliable worldwide Logistics Services (Ocean freight forwarding & Air freight forwarding & Custom clearance ), as well as Purchasing agency services &Trading Business services. We offer high quality Ocean freight forwarding & air freight forwarding, Custom clearance, and Purchasing agency services .

FOCUS TRANS’s vision is to “exceed our customers’ expectations by providing innovative, high-quality transportation solutions & Trading & Purchasing Agents services.”
•Provide versatile, reliable, and cost effective transportation services .
•Develop and maintain long term partnerships
•Commit to performance, information quality, open and honest communication.

1.Trading &purchasing agents service
2.Ocean freight forwarding Service
3.Air freight Export Service Beauty
4.Equipment & Beauty Nail

Add: Room 2514,Kai Da Building,NO.235,Guang Yuan Xi Road,Yue Xiu District,GuangZhou 510010,China.

To Our Employees…
• Provide a safe workplace, fair compensation and growth opportunity.
• Treat each other and our business partners with respect, integrity and trust.
• Work together as a team, constantly striving for excellence through sharing of ideas.
• Improve our skills through comprehensive training and development programs.
• Build strong leadership at all levels of the organization.

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FOCUS TRANS - Shipping Agency servics & Trading & Purchasing Agent services provider 

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